Our services

Your professor shouldn’t be the first person to read your paper.

At the Writing Center, our student consultants offer an additional set of eyes and further perspective on your work before anyone stamps a grade on it. We’re here to be your readers and listeners, regardless of what discipline you’re in or what project you’re working on.

We serve both undergraduate and graduate students, providing in-person appointments, online consultations and workshops. We do not edit or proofread papers. Rather, we discuss big-picture issues such as structure, organization and how to best articulate your ideas.

Here’s how we can help make your writing shine:


Writing is not a solo activity. Your initial idea can be transformed by anything from class discussion to an overheard snippet of a stranger’s conversation. We view writing as a collection of influences that gradually morph into an argument. So why not make this collaboration more intentional?


Conversation strengthens all parts of the writing process. Collaborative dialogue with our consultants can become the catalyst to sparking richer, more complex ways of thinking. We ask open-ended questions and invite you to talk about your ideas. This dialogue helps you clarify ideas and understand how best to present them on paper.


Every writer can benefit from consultation. The biggest misperception about writing centers is that they are places where weak writers go for help. The truth is, writing centers exist for students of all skill levels. All writers need readers for their work, and that is what we provide — trained, invested and experienced readers who can provide honest feedback, ask and answer questions and prod thinking along.


Writing evolves through multiple stages. From a tentative idea to a full-fledged essay, writing is a long-term investment. Savvy writers go through cycles of writing and revision, taking their original ideas deeper and filling in holes as they go. Consultations can happen at any (or all) of these stages, and you’ll benefit the most from multiple visits to the center. We love to see your project develop and strengthen over time.

Come talk to us and discover the benefits of having a conversation about your writing before turning it in.