Our staff

Brian McTague headshot
Brian McTague
Writing Center Director
(804) 827-8122

Office location: Academic Learning Commons, Room 4204

Brian McTague is the director of the Writing Center and a writing instructor. Through his roles, he works to ensure writing resources reach as many students and staff as possible, while fostering a safe, inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of discipline, background or skill set. He is the co-editor of the anthology, Writing Center at the Center of Change, recently published by Routledge, and currently serves as the president of the Southeastern Writing Center Association.

Trey Burnart Hall headshot
Trey Burnart Hall
Writing Center Assistant Director
(804) 828-4861

Office location: Academic Learning Commons, Room 4202

Trey Burnart Hall is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center, where he supervises an ever-growing staff while expanding university partnerships. He strives to help create a learning environment that is accessible to students of all writing abilities and disciplines. Current initiatives include advocating for interdisciplinary inquiry and implementing the new UNIV 191 Writing with Confidence course.

Jess Rogers
Writing Center Coordinator
Office location: Academic Learning Commons, Room 4202
Jess Rogers is the coordinator of the Writing Center, where she manages daily operations and supports a diverse staff of consultants. She works to build a sense of belonging and community among students through initiatives such as the Center’s writing groups, book clubs, and affinity events. She also aims to engage students through teaching a section of UNIV 191: Writing with Confidence.