How to brainstorm topics

Stuck with a blank page because you can't think of anything interesting to write about? Check out our brainstorming prompts below to get you going!

Final thoughts

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Remember, you will need to contribute as much as possible to your writing, so choose a topic you will enjoy exploring. The more you know and learn about an issue the more you’ll have to share, making your remarks more captivating.

If you get stuck, imagine a conversation amongst poker players. This could lead to a series of topic explorations:

  • Is it ethical for the government to finance education through gambling, relying on state lotteries to generate revenues?
  • Why are card games increasing in popularity with adolescents?

More topics for brainstorming

  • cooking
  • housing
  • sports
  • politics
  • museums
  • music
  • education
  • hobbies
  • travel
  • indie rock
  • film
  • folk art
  • animation
  • camping
  • horses
  • cartoons
  • poker
  • ballet
  • pastries
  • bicycles
  • circuses
  • zoning
  • farming
  • war
  • comedy
  • technology
  • books