I do declare

A guide to your art major application

Brainstorming questions

It's time to write cartoon Staring at the blank page cartoon

  • What are your goals while at college?
  • How do you define success?
  • How would you describe your aesthetic style?
  • What medium(s) do you like to work in?
  • What medium most interests you?
  • Why do you make art?

Your art

Exploring questions cartoon Talking things out cartoon

  • What skills do you think you'll get out of your chosen major?
  • How do those skills align with your artistic goals?
  • Does your major choice align with the driving force behind your art?
  • Will you enjoy this major?

Think about the future

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  • What necessary experience can this major give you to start your career?
  • How will you balance your role as a creative with your role as a professional or entrepreneur?
  • Will this major challenge and help you grow as an artist?

Writing process

Everyone writes differently, but here's some basic tips.


  • Use the questions in this pamphlet as a jumpstart and let your ideas grow from there.


  • Narrow your topics down.
  • Focus your ideas on something central.
  • Find the connective tissue of the piece.

Take breaks

  • Take a step back; do something else. It will help you reflect on what you’ve written when you return

Have a chat

  • Talk to someone about what you’re writing about (a friend, a parent, a Writing Consultant).
  • Writing is meant to be read and understood! Communicate your ideas to someone off the page.
  • Check in with yourself. Reflect on everything you’ve written so far. Is this reflective of what you want to do for the next few years?


  • Don’t leave this all to the end! Revise as you go. Revision is an active, reflective process — ideas grow and shift.

Rinse and repeat in any order!