Work for us

The Writing Center hires graduate and undergraduate consultants from all disciplines.

To work for us, you must be interested in more than correcting and editing student papers. While strong writing skills are certainly required, strong people skills are equally important. Working one-on-one with writers requires commitment at multiple levels — intellectual, emotional and social. An invested and caring consultant is key to student success.

Graduate Assistant Program

Masters students who are either starting or continuing in the fall semester are encouraged to apply for one of our graduate assistant positions at the Writing Center. Positions run August 10 through May 9 each academic year. In return for a standard, in-state tuition waiver and a stipend paid biweekly, a Writing Center graduate assistant works 20 hours a week in the Center, with a focus on individual peer consulting, leading group workshops and events, and other duties designed to help develop professional skills needed in today’s workplace.

Writing Process and Practice (ENGL 367)

Undergraduates interested in working at the Writing Center must first successfully complete Writing Process and Practice (ENGL 367). The course is offered during the fall and spring semesters. Students from any major are encouraged to take the class.

ENGL 367 explores writing theory and practice and prepares students to become consultants in the Writing Center. The course includes an internship, in which students observe and participate in Writing Center work.

For more information, email Brian McTague, Writing Center director.